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05/15/2022 Daniel 8

Andy Dozier unpacks the meaning of the prophecies in Daniel 8 and their application to the end times.

04/24/2022 Encounters with Jesus: Mark 7:24-30

Lyn Lampert teaches the challenging passage of the encounter with Jesus by the Syrophoenician woman.

04/10/2022 The Four Beasts

Andy Dozier dives into Daniel 7 and its amazing predictive prophecies.

03/27/2022 Spirit-Directed Living

Lyn Lampert focuses on the keys to living a Spirit-directed life on a daily basis.

03/13/2022 Encounters with Jesus: Mark 7:1-23

Are you a hypocrite? Lyn Lampert explores this probing question from an encounter with Jesus in Mark 7.

02/20/2022 Joint Service with Community Presbyterian Church

02/13/22 Encounters with Jesus: Mark 6:45-52

Lyn Lampert discusses how we encounter Jesus in the trials of life.