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05/28/2023 The Healing Power of Joy

Lyn Lampert focuses on the meaning of Proverbs 17:22, that a joyful heart is good medicine.

05/21/2023 Emissaries of Healing, Part 2

Tim Mallory continues discussing what it means to be an Emissary of Healing.

05/14/2023 God Wants to Heal

Andy Dozier reminds us that God is a God Who desires our healing!

05/07/2023 The 30,000′ Mission

Lyn Lampert outlines why Shalom is a good summary of the mission of Jesus.

04/23/2023 Emissaries of Healing

Tim Mallory discusses what it means for Christians to be emissaries of Healing.

04/16/23 God Who Heals

Andy Dozier gives a Biblical overview of our Healing God.

04/02/2023 Discernment

Tim Mallory discusses how believers develop the important trait of discernment.

03/26/2023 Salvation, Obedience, and Fruit

Andy Dozier dives into what it means to truly be saved.

03/19/2023 Hospitality

Lyn Lampert talks about the Biblical meaning of hospitality and an immediate opportunity for such.