Grace Fellowship is in the midst of Spirit-directed change! Throughout the world, God is creating a movement called by several names, some of which are the micro-church movement, the missional church movement, the organic church movement. They all contain elements of where we are headed in 2021 and beyond to become a church without walls and a church with feet. Below you will find a list of online resources that will help you get a handle on what these changes can be about. No one model is a full or complete picture of what we are to be, but God is using all of them to help us put together the unique mosaic of what Grace Fellowship in Lake City, Colorado will be. So spend some time with the links below and be in prayer about how God would shape us from here forward.

Introductions to missional and micro churches

We Are Church Documentary (21 minute video)

SALT Churches Intro (3 minute video)

What is a Missional Community? (2 minute video)

A New Kind of Church, Parker Green (60 minute podcast)

Ed Stetzer: What is the Missional Church? (7 minute video)

Meeting in homes

John Piper: Should we meet in house churches? (9 minute video)

The Importance of Discipleship

First Century Discipleship (article)

Alan Hirsch: Obsessed with Discipleship (3 minute video)

Roundtable discussion of We Are Church Discipleship (18 minute video)

Third Places

Engaging Third Places (article)