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01/22/2023 Building the Kingdom of God

Tim Mallory looks at what building the kingdom of God means in practice.

01/14/2023 Spiritual Warfare 5

Lyn Lampert wraps up the spiritual warfare study from Ephesians 6 with the necessity of “walkie-talkie” prayer.

12/18/2022 Reconciliation

Tim Mallory presents a practical guide to Biblical reconciliation.

12/11/2022 Prayer

Andy Dozier takes a solid look at prayer through the lens of the Lord’s Prayer.

12/4/2022 Spiritual Warfare 4

Lyn Lampert teaches on the armor of faith, salvation, and the word of God from Ephesians 6:16-17

11/27/2022 How Now Do We Live in the World?

Tim Mallory dives into the important ministry of seed-planting.

11/20/2022 Sin, Repentance, and Forgiveness

Andy Dozier helps guide us through the important topic of Christian repentance.